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Marine main switchboard

Marine main switchboard

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    Scope of Use

    This series of marine main distribution boards are suitable for all kinds of marine power stations with three-phase AC 380V/50Hz or 440V/60Hz and DC 230V, which are used to control, monitor and protect generator sets and distribution networks. All kinds of performances meet the requirements and specifications of "Code for Classification of Steel Marine Vessels" (2012 edition), "Code for Classification and Construction of Steel Inland River Vessels" (2002 edition) and "General Technical Conditions for Marine AC Low Voltage Distribution Board" (GB/T11634-2000).

    Basic Structure

    The boards bending type, the cuticle skeleton type and the frame combination type can be selected. Main switches and load switches are selected according to user's needs. Reasonable selection of voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, power meters and synchronous meters. The distribution board is equipped with engine screen, load screen, combined startup screen, control screen, etc.

    Basic Function

    Engine overload and short circuit protection. Main switch and shore switch interlock protection. Insulation performance test of power grid. Automatic Telephone Management System (optional). Inverse power protection. Measurement of engine voltage, current, frequency and power. Proportional distribution of active load in parallel operation. Overcurrent, undervoltage and power loss protection. Engine manual or automatic frequency adjustment. Fault alarm and remote control interruption function. Automatic graded unloading protection for load network. Engine manual or automatic quasi-synchronous parallel. Parallel vehicle synchronous detection.